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Stop Overspending on Video Games


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Most players, however, aren’t able to endlessly pursue every single favorite or strong item that comes out.

If you’re a gacha gamer and find it difficult to save or find yourself tempted to spend more than you can afford, either with in-game or paid for currency, you might find these tips handy.

Don’t pull when you’re feeling emotional.

If you’ve had a bad day, the last thing you want is to open up your game and attempt to pull for something, only to get nothing but trash that you won’t ever use. Chances are that you’ll get angry at the game and do another pull in a rage – either using up free currency you’ve earned or your own money. Ask yourself if it’s really worth throwing away your hard work, take a deep breath and come back to it when you’re in a better state.

Look at other versions to see if you really need the item/character.

Does your game have another version? Many gacha games also have Japanese or South East Asian versions that are a few months to a year ahead of the ‘global’ version. Even if guides to future content aren’t in English, it’s not too hard to get a translation on the internet. You might find that in three months the thing that you’re chasing becomes obsolete, or a better version comes out. Planning your pulls and being aware of what’s coming out can negate you randomly throwing a pull’s worth of currency at something just for the sake of pulling.

Look at your own roster to see if you really need the item/character.

It’s a good idea to know what you’ve already managed to earn or what your roster is capable of. You might look at a shiny new banner that has a chance of giving you a sword for each featured character and not realize that you’ve already got enough swords and don’t really need anymore.

Overspending photo
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Create an alternate account.

There’s a lot of debate in the gacha community about whether having a secondary account, commonly known as an alt, can help you manage your funds on your primary (main) account. Alts are good if you have the itch to pull: you can pull on a banner with little to no consequences to your main. Some people find they have better luck on their alternate account than their main, so don’t like to get into it. Others don’t have the time nor the means to run two accounts simultaneously.

Ask friends to monitor you or join a community online.

If you have friends in real life who play the game, you can always ask them to keep tabs on your spending especially if they know that you fall into the trap of spending too much. Failing that, there are usually forums on the internet where you can receive similar support from peers.

Think about what else you could get for your money.

This pertains more to spending real cash on mobile titles and is pretty straightforward. If you can separate logic from your emotions even better, but take a step back from the game and work out what extra pulls are actually costing you. Ask yourself how much you have to work in order to cover your spendings, and whether you feel it’s worth the gamble

Ask yourself if you would be okay with getting the worst possible result.

Some gachas have a guarantee for particular levels of items and characters, others do not. All, however, have to have a list of every item you can possibly get so take a look and work out, worst case scenario, would you be okay with getting nothing at all for the slim chance of getting something good? Every gacha is different, so this will vary.

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